Bingo Wings Meaning

The term ‘Bingo wings’ refers to the fatty skin that hangs down between the shoulder and the elbow. While the act of holding a felttip pen in a bingo hall is not a form of exercise, the skin is a common affliction for many older women, who have a fetish for biting unnecessary skin. Here is what you need to know about the origins of the term.

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‘Rump Lumps’

According to Rich Jones, a sport’s therapist and personal trainer, there are six different types of bingo wings and each type requires a different set of fat-busting exercises. He found this out while working with Powerspin, a product designed to tone arms. Powerspin uses a weighted ball inside a circular tube to produce centrifugal force. It’s an effective way to target the problem of bingo wings.

Although bingo wings are a normal side effect of ageing, sun damage can exacerbate the condition. This is because as the skin stretches, the fat hanging from it increases its stretching rate. But liposuction can help reverse the condition by reducing the weight of the fat and shrinking the skin by around 10%. Fortunately, bingo wing liposuction can also be performed as an outpatient procedure.

‘Double Chubble’

Bingo wings are the loose folds of skin that occur on the arm. This is a common ailment for men, and the newest celebrity to suffer from this problem is Prince Andrew, who has shown off his troubling problem in a recent interview. According to Mr. Jones, who invented the Powerspin routine to banish bingo wings, this condition can be treated with weighted exercise, which targets arm muscles. Powerspin is a wheel-like device containing a weighted ball that spins through a tube, creating a centrifugal force when it is spun.

The Double Chubble is another term for bingo wings. It is the name given to a bulge on the arm that is caused by the extra weight on the pectoral muscles. This problem is so common that experts have identified six distinct types. Although the Double Chubble is not the most attractive of bingo wings, it is the most common. Experts have discovered that obese people are more prone to the problem. Women who are obese are especially likely to develop them.

A full bottle of water can also help get rid of bingo wings. Carrying a full water bottle with you while out in public is a good exercise. Another exercise to try is lifting wrist weights. By holding the wrist-weights, you can perform the exercise without being observed by anyone. You may also buy wrist-weights or exercise bands to use as bingo wing busters. This is a great way to burn off excess calories and sculpt the arms.

‘Jabba Flabba’

Often referred to as ‘double chubbers’, ‘Jabba Flabba’ or ‘Rump Lumps,’ bingo wings are characterized by excess skin and weight in the upper arm region. Despite their unflattering names, three-quarters of women suffer from them. Some even go as far as calling them ‘Arm Charms’ after Star Wars character Jabba the Hut.

Jabba Flabba, after Jabba the Hutt from Star Wars, is a condition characterized by several rolls of unsightly fat on the arms. Arm Charms, which are loose folds of skin, are particularly common in dieters. Similarly, ‘Chap Flaps’ are a common symptom of bingo wings in men. When they put on weight, the condition becomes more noticeable.